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HBO File Submission

You can use this page to upload files to HBO for hosting consideration. Applicable files include artwork, photos of Halo-related activities, Halo-related music, and the like. Things you should NOT use this interface for:

If you ignore these links, your submission will be ignored.
If you do not identify your work in the form below, your submission will be ignored.
If you upload garbage or illegal material, your submission will be ignored, and FUTURE submissions from you will be ignored.

The files that you submit here are not accessible via the web. Don't bother uploading php-based shell emulators, or password collectors, or any other such files; not only will they be inaccessible, but even if you COULD get to them, they're stored in a non-executable directory; you can't make them work. Use this form to upload material we can distribute to the Halo community, or move on. Thanks!

Important: If your submission is a collection of files (a bunch of pictures of something you created, for example), you can go through the hassle of filling this form out for each item - but you'll save yourself a LOT of time if you drop all the pieces in a folder, zip it (there are plenty of free Zip tools on the net, for every platform), and upload it. If you choose to use a bizarre file format for compression, you run the risk of our tossing the file.

File upload Step 1: Info
If you use a file that is too small the progress bar may not have enough time to display itself, especially if you are on a high speed connection.

Fill this in with the name you'd like displayed with your work. Real name, alias, whatever.
Email Address: Display? Yes No
We're happy not to show your email, but we'd like it to be able to contact you if we have questions.
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